How To Download Instagram Videos

Downloading Instagram videos is something many people are looking for.

The Instagram social network is very large and used by thousands of people around the world, so this social network is full of videos that many want to have on their device. Whether you want to show them to others, watch them in the future or upload them to another social network. The reasons for downloading videos from Instagram are extensive.

How to Download Video Instagram

If you’ve ever used Instagram, you probably already know that all the photos we upload are stored in a local folder, but what about the ones shared by others? The application doesn’t offer an option per se to download them and have the photos or videos in our memory, so we can then use that video on other social networks or watch it offline.

However, there are many methods to make a copy in our device memory of the rest of the photos and videos.

The vast majority of these methods are apps or websites that offer the Instagram video download feature, without limitations and free.

One of the most common ways to do it is using IFTTT (If this. then that) and a tool that saves all the photos and videos that we like in the memory of the mobile. Another option, somewhat more straightforward and suitable for the general public, is a free application that does all the work for us in a direct way.

Step by step to download Instagram videos

The first thing to do is to install the InstaSaver application; this is a simple tool to download any Instagram video. Once we’ve downloaded and installed it, we’ll see in the tutorial that there are two possible options when it comes to saving images.

1. Do it manually

The first and most basic is to copy the Instagram link and paste it manually into InstaSaver. To do this, go to the photo or video you want to save, and click on the three dots next to it and select copy U RL. Next, go to InstaSave and in the paste text box put the link there. We hit Save, and that’s it, we’ll have a copy of the video saved.

2. AutoSave

If we want to download many videos and use this service massively, you should note that the application has an autosave function, to make the process faster.

To activate this automatic function, we only have to activate the two tabs so that every time we click on a U RL copy it does the job automatically without having to click on paste again.

As a simple option for users who don’t want to make a big deal out of it, it works very well. The copies of the photos and videos it records are at 1080p.

This is a great: reasonably simple way to download any video from Instagram. However, many tools have the same function completely free of charge, although they are usually very complicated to use, as they have a tedious and long process.

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