Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is an entertaining in-class game that encourages teamwork and facilitates the learning process for students. Students strengthen their communication and collaboration skills while playing a fun matching game. Quizlet Live helps students to receive a comprehensive education with integrated teamwork, and it allows teachers to see which material their students need help with. This captivating and engaging game-based learning is a great way to provide students with fun classroom experience and to get away from the standard textbooks at least for a while.

It is free for a teacher to create an account and to receive a unique join code for the students. The teacher can create and share a quiz game suitable for the students and their study set. The game requires creating prompts and a series of answers for students to choose from. The students need to match the term with its definition from twelve possible answers. Each student in the team has the same question, but different solutions, and only one student has the correct answer. Students cannot solve the task unless they communicate, contribute, and work towards their common goal. It encourages students to improve their spelling, vocabulary, and word study skills. Throughout the process, the teacher can monitor students’ work and reshuffle teams if needed. Quizlet Live also has other options to help the teacher create the required game for their classrooms, such as uploading diagrams and images, as well as incorporating pronunciation based prompts. The classroom teacher can also subscribe to Quizlet Live to access additional options and features for a more personalized and customized game.

Students don’t need to make an account; all they need is to type in ‘quizletlive’ in their devices and enter their names and the join code provided by the teacher to be randomly assigned to an animal-Chemed team of four or more students. The game also provides an option of scanning a QR code that some teachers may find more reliable and as a faster way for students to join the quiz game. Each student needs to have a computer, mobile, or tablet, and once the students are assigned to a random team, they should sit together for a better collaboration experience. If the team answers correctly, it moves to the next round, but if there is one wrong answer, the score becomes zero. The units in the classroom compete for the winner title. The game continues until one of the teams cleared all of the study-set questions on the screen and, thus, won the game.

The game requires to work fast within the group, but also encourages accuracy over speed as the team accumulated points will be lost if the answer is wrong. Students have the opportunity to learn from each other and to work together in tandem while bettering their compromise skills. These skills are valuable and vital in their future everyday lives and workforces as it teaches them to work as a collective unit and to use each other’s strengths for the common goal achievement.

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