Playing with the new Pigment

Loïc finally committed the initial version of the new Pigment v0.5 last week. I’ve been waiting for it for quite some time, as it was supposed to have the real third dimension, custom geometries, scene graph and more. So I’ve spent last few nights playing with it, finally being able to implement some of the ideas into a quick demo.

Check the video, what you’ll see is a combination of the new Pigment, gstreamer and a few hundreds of lines of Python code, displaying simultaneously a couple of video files and a live webcam capture on some non-flat surfaces.

(click to play, high quality ogg/theora, ~35MB)
(YouTube version for the non-oggers)

Yes, you can see it crashing at the end of the video. And can you spot a minor bug appearing a couple of times here and there? Just keep in mind that it’s an early preview of a something that has not even reached trunk yet. And I bet some feedback from people trying to do more blingy things with the new Pigment will help make it stable in no time.

2 comments on “Playing with the new Pigment”

  1. Phil wrote:

    Neat hack!

  2. MacSlow wrote:

    Now that is very sweet!