XiphQT 0.1.8, as promised

OK, XiphQT 0.1.8 is now out.

The previous, 0.1.7, version was quite stable except for one crash/freeze-causing issue that was discovered soon after the release, was fixed soon after the discovery, then spent another 5 months or so in the repository. Those selected few who bothered reading my comments on the trac, of those few who actually went to the trac to file a ticket on that bug, could find out there was a binary dev snapshot with a fix, available as soon as the source code was fixed. But it seems most of the users couldn’t find it. Now that it’s been released that’s taken care of.

One very warm and fuzzy thing about 0.1.8 is the resolution of the video stalling issue. So, no more attempts to find a Linux box (or tempting thoughts of replacing the current OS with a Linux on my “Macintosh HD”) every time I come across an Ogg/Theora URL!

2 comments on “XiphQT 0.1.8, as promised”

  1. Nelson wrote:

    Thanks Arek! It works great, plays my Anniversary files and everything :)

  2. Kyle wrote:

    Windows version please!!!!