Late summer XiphQT news

OK now, who said XiphQT is dead?

I should make one thing clear: I don’t really like QuickTime. I have a kind of love-hate relationship with XiphQT, like in “love Xiph, hate QT”. After periods of development activity I get to the point where my stomach hurts more often than it should and the percentage of aggressive and explicit sentences spoken aloud be me rises way above the acceptable level. So then I stop and sometimes it takes longer than shorter to be able and want to work on XiphQT again.

Anyway, it seems today I managed to reduce the video stalling issue in the importer code almost completely - initial and more sophisticated approach didn’t work but the one borrowed from Perian did.

Other news is that Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves made a Windows installer for XiphQT - many thanks Ivo! Now, if only somebody could update the Windows port too, because it’s still at 0.1.5, that would be just awesome!

Also, there’s been quite a number of trac tickets about why the official project page doesn’t say anything about the most recent development snapshot, which fixes quite an annoying iTunes crash issue. Words like “silly” also appeared in some e-mails I got on that subject. And I totally agree. And intend to fix it.

That may actually mean a release. And because I’ll be going to Poland the first weekend of September - that may actually mean a release quite soon. Yay!

3 comments on “Late summer XiphQT news”

  1. ad wrote:

    Is anyone working on a fresh windowport yet?

  2. Гарри wrote:

    Занятно. Хотелось бы еще чего-нибудь об этом же.

  3. joly wrote:

    It would be nice if the XiphQT could be used to export from Win QTPro..