Ogg Vorbis handling regression fixed

Recent changes in the Ogg importer component brought some regression - some Ogg Vorbis files may cause QuickTime (iTunes, etc.) to freeze or crash (ticket #1154, #1155).

The problem should now be fixed in the SVN (r12814) and a new binary snapshot containing the fix is available. Recommended to all XiphQT users.

5 comments on “Ogg Vorbis handling regression fixed”

  1. Carl wrote:

    Thanks for the fix (re tickets 1154-55) - I had basically same problem w/ my new MBPro core 2 duo, (identical hardware/software to 1155). Some ogg files worked consistently, others didn’t (hanging iTunes). The binary snapshot w/ the r12814 fix solved the problems I had encountered. Thanks very much for your work.

  2. Ket wrote:

    Thanks for this fix, luckily i’ve been quite busy this past week, and was sooo excited when the new release was announced. I have a large collection of ogg wrapped flacs in my iTunes collection and wasn’t sure what the freeze up was due to. Well done on the release.

  3. Colin Anderson wrote:

    Thank you for fixing this problem. After installing this QuickTime component, all of my iTunes/Ogg playback issues have indeed appeared to … disappear!

  4. LionsPhil wrote:

    Ah, excellent, glad this is fixed. :) The QuickTime Components homepage needs updating to note this issue, as the topmost post there still offers the broken last-stable.

  5. ironiridis wrote:

    Please please please post this as a release. I never realized there was a solution to this problem, as there is nothing noted on the front page. Assuming that the project was going through the typical open source “phase” of near-abandonment, I simply deleted all of my Vorbis files off of my new Mac and moved forward. If people are downloading something broken, they give up; not many of us go back and try again when we think we have the latest release!