Xiph, QuickTime Components and Summer of Code 2007

Once again, Xiph.Org has been accepted for Google Summer of Code! And amongst Xiph project ideas for this year XiphQT also has its place. So, if you ever wanted something in XiphQT fixed or wished a new feature was added but never had quite enough arguments to convince yourself it’s worth actually trying and doing it yourself - maybe now is the time?

Of course, XiphQT is only a small part of Xiph.Org. If you’d prefer to hack on a more general and open audio and media stuff, there aren’t many limits, neither. Last year, besides the directly project-related ideas proposed by Xiph developers, we saw a number of original and interesting submissions ranging from nearly pure hardware to fairly sophisticated algorithms, with FCPGAs, assembler, libraries and applications in between, all one way or another related to audio and media. And participating in the event was quite an experience, too!

All that is, basically, to say: whether you would like to add Ogg Skeleton, OggPCM or CMML support to XiphQT, apply FLAC to compression of power system analysis (ATP) data, work on a next generation audio codec or do something completely original (preferably it having relations to audio, open media or Xiph technologies) - come see us on irc (freenode.net, #xiph) and consider applying. There’s still enough time (until March 24th) to prepare at least one quality application!

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    omg.. good work, dude