On One

I guess it’s rather impossible to write ‘First post!’ in the second post or any other one. So, here: This is my first post in my new blog!


I think I should also say that not everything here is in its final shape. But at least (and at last!) it’s a start. And significant improvement, too, over the “gathering material” notice being on display on the index page for almost a year.

So, let’s see if I can make things even better…

2 comments on “On One”

  1. Adam wrote:

    Finally “Barelyfocused” got of the ground. Wishing you best of luck and maybe a bit more focus generally…. or maybe less … who knows what’s best… there are still so many things you have not tried …;-)

  2. Sergi wrote:

    you are ‘barelyfocused’ in giving me the opportunity of another chess game!
    ok, just wanna say ‘hello’ in your site.
    see you tomorrow!